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10 Ideas for a 'Green' Bathroom

Oct 27, 2021        
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Green living is now easier than ever thanks to information (like this post), and new products are entering the market that are eco-friendly. Today we are talking about ten ways to go green in the bathroom, for cleaning that saves money and reduces strain on the environment.

This list is a combination of pre-made products and individual cleaning agents. Not all of us are mixologists, so you have the option to choose how to approach green cleaning.

Going Natural

These are my choices for natural cleaning agents include baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and alcohol.

My favorite combination is the baking soda/vinegar bubble fest. When mixed together, these two create a fun fizz that will help keep water flowing smoothly down the shower and bathroom sink.

Vinegar will also take the film off your shower door and remove corrosion from the shower head.

Rubbing alcohol will shine up a bathroom mirror in a hurry. Pull it out of the medicine cabinet and use it to clean off the toothpaste speckles.

Hydrogen peroxide will disinfect anything, including toilet flushers and sink hardware. It doesn't leave any smell behind and reduces the germ population in the bathroom. Pour some on a rag and wipe down door handles and light switches.

Pre-Made Mixes

For those of us who don't DIY all cleaning products, this segment is a must-read.

Toilet and Drain Cleaners

Earth Enzymes is a safe way to clean a drain, even for septic systems and PVC pipes. Traditional drain cleaners are chalk full of chemicals that are hazardous to the administrator, and can erode the integrity of the pipes themselves. With this product, the pipes are safe.

Mrs. Meyers' line of natural products includes a toilet cleaner that has zero chlorine or harsh chemicals. The mix of ingredients combines citric acid, plant-based alcohols, and lactic acid to cut grease and remove stains while leaving a pleasing, natural scent.

Simple Green works as a cleaning agent all over the house, but its concentrated formula works well for toilets, and it won't damage the drain pipes.

Surface Cleaners

For those marvelous granite countertops, Better Life - Take It For Granite Stone Cleaner will shine up the stone without harming the finish. Keep those natural surfaces germ-free and gorgeous.

J.R. Watkins Home Care All-Purpose Cleaner is another multi-purpose cleaning product, but this one has a delightful grapefruit scent that freshens up the bathroom while cutting the grime.

Bon Ami Liquid Cleanser will also remove soap scum and hard water stains, but it's also safe for fiberglass showers, and porcelain sinks. You can choose from several essential oil scents or the fragrance-free version.

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