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Whether you run a small office or a corporate multi-tenant building, maintaining cleanliness is crucial for a healthy work environment. It not only benefits employees but also helps your business attract new clients and customers. My Services Alley makes commercial cleaning convenient for business owners and facility managers already juggling numerous tasks. Our premium cleaning services foster a healthier indoor environment for employees and visitors.


Our professional commercial cleaning services also free up time for you to focus on other important matters—like running your business or organization. When you require an office or building that impresses, you want small business cleaning services from My Services Alley.


My Services Alley offers commercial cleaning solutions for various types of businesses and facilities, including:
- Small offices
- Accounting, legal, professional offices
- Small business common areas
- Small business showrooms
- Clinic waiting areas
- Retail spaces
And more.


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What's Included in Commercial Cleaning Services?

A frequently asked question from our commercial customers is what's included with our commercial cleaning services? Knowing the specifics is essential for businesses and organizations operating within a budget.

Choosing our commercial cleaning services means we will:
- Vacuum Carpets and Flooring: Removing dirt, dust, and debris to maintain cleanliness and prevent wear.
- Mop Tile Floors: Employing wet mopping or suitable floor cleaners to eliminate dirt and maintain fresh-looking flooring.
- Dust Desks, Shelves, and Flat Surfaces: Dusting to reduce allergens and keep a polished appearance.
- Sanitize High-Touch Surfaces: Targeting door knobs, light switches, and countertops to minimize germ spread.
- Empty Wastebaskets: Keeping environments hygienic by disposing of trash and replacing liners as needed.
- Clean Employee and Guest Restrooms: Ensuring thorough sanitation of restrooms.
- Additional Focus Areas: Special attention to cleaning and sanitizing meeting tables and other germ-prone areas.

Our cleaning services go the extra mile, with a strong focus on disinfecting high-use areas, and providing a healthy environment for staff and customers.


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Why Use My Services Alley for Commercial Cleaning?

Our commercial clients appreciate the pristine smell, clean surfaces, and healthier spaces, and value how we tailor our cleaning plans to their needs. Each My Services Alley franchise is an independently owned small business, offering a personalized perspective on your cleaning requirements. Whether it's a small office or a larger facility, we'll devise a cleaning plan that fits your budget and schedule.


Exceptional Cleaning for Your Business

Choosing My Services Alley ensures coverage by our commitment to excellence and years of experience. Our commercial cleaning team is punctual, efficient, and leaves your space spotlessly clean. Regardless of your cleaning needs, we make finding the right service for your space more convenient.

Timeliness and Efficiency - Our pledge to punctuality and efficiency means your business operations experience minimal disruption.

Convenience and Accessibility with widespread availability - Finding a My Services Alley service near you is straightforward.

Health and Safety - Our focus on eradicating dirt and germs contributes to a healthier work environment, crucial for meeting health standards.

Free Inspection - A complimentary inspection of your facility before cleaning ensures a perfectly tailored cleaning plan.

Worry-Free Services - Our professional cleaners are thoroughly vetted, insured, and employed directly by My Services Alley, offering you peace of mind.

Our Promise - We're committed to resolving any dissatisfaction swiftly and at no extra cost, showcasing our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Customized Cleaning - Our services can be customized to match your exact preferences, ensuring cleaning that meets your business's unique needs.

No Term Contracts - Our confidence in our service quality is reflected in our no-term contract policy, providing you with scheduling flexibility.

Your employees and visitors deserve a secure, clean environment. Opting for commercial cleaning services from My Services Alley guarantees this with every visit.


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Whether it's our popular recurring commercial cleaning services or a one-time plan, expect consistent quality. Let My Services Alley assist you in finding the right cleaning solution with a free, personalized estimate today.

Manage your next office cleanup with assistance from our professionals. We'll devise a customized cleaning plan suited to your facility's and staff's needs and adapt to your schedule.


Experience what over four decades of experience can offer your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is commercial cleaning? Commercial cleaning is professional cleaning catered to businesses. Companies like My Services Alley specialize in cleaning offices and other commercial spaces.

How often should offices be cleaned? The frequency varies based on worker count, facility size, and other factors. A monthly professional clean is advisable, with bi-weekly options during peak illness seasons.

What is the going rate for commercial cleaning services? My Services Alley offers tailored cleaning plans based on your unique business needs. Contact us for a personalized cleaning quote.

What if my business only requires a single cleaning session? My Services Alley provides flexible professional cleaning services to suit your requirements, including one-time cleaning to address